As he blazed/thrashed/insulted his way to the White House, one of Donald Trump’s constant talking points was that Obamacare was not working. According to Trump, it was a “disaster” that only he could fix. His criticisms have certainly been…creative.

As the world collectively lost its bearings this year (more than usual, anyway), a bizarre notion began to seep into the mainstream’s awareness — that inflation is a bad thing for gold.

Jim Rickards first noticed it in September: “Here’s the logic,” he told us, “as best I can make sense of it. Any hint of inflation might give the Fed a green light to raise rates.

Gold has long been considered a safe haven for investors who wish to insulate themselves from the whims and fancies of the volatile markets of both stocks and bonds. True? Or just another myth promoted by hype-sters who would just love to sell you... well... some gold! Martin Krikorian breaks down the myth with a practical look at the real value of gold.

U.S. bank stocks are getting dumped like it's 2011. Shares of Bank of America and Morgan Stanley plummeted by 13% apiece in the two days after the shocking Brexit vote. Even though banks and the broader markets are rallying on Tuesday, Goldman Sachs is still down 22% this year. That makes the elite investment bank the worst Dow stock in 2016.