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How Merchants Can Boost Business with a Cash Discount Program

Today there are a multitude of ways to pay – cash, check, credit card, debit card, mobile and online, which is convenient for the younger, tech-savvy generations. However, integrating complex payment technology that requires an overhaul of existing hardware and software can challenge a business owner’s ability to keep their business viable.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 77 Facts About Cybercrime You Must Know

As a society, we cherish our right to privacy, maybe more than anything else. Sharing is great, and we all enjoy it, but there is another side to the story -- an unspoken side of all things personal and secret. Our friends at BestVPNs UK and the team at WebmastersJury have created a "must see" infographic that reveals facts about cybercirme - the stealing of our personal secrets - that every one of us should know.

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How Blockchain Technology is Changing the World

Since the earliest days of the internet, community and security have been key topics associated with both the growth of the digital age and the difficulty of finding a secure place within it.

A noble, albeit elusive goal, the tech giants of today still struggle with the open concept of the internet, while at the same time trying to guarantee with certain securities. Passwords, queries, and the infamous “I am not a robot” prompts are time tested solutions that keep us safe amongst an ever growing online population.

But do they really?

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