In Oregon not too long ago we again hear the typical story about the risks of secure transport. It was reportedd that two cases of money were stolen from an armored car in Northeast Portland. The money was on its way to an ATM machine.

But instead, the driver was forced to call police at 6:30 a.m. from the Onpoint Credit Union on 9th Avenue. The criminal was said to have run northbound with the loot. Apparenlty a well-planned getaway, merely dependent on whether he tied his running shoes!

The cases that held the loot were described as 18" x 8" hard black plastic cases. So... there goes a guy running down the street arms full of ATM cassettes! This brilliarnt plan apparently worked. The amount of money was undisclosed. The suspect was reported as a 20-something male that stands about six feet tall with a thin build. All that running kept him in pretty good shape.

Even in this day and age, simple robberies like this one can take place in a moment. It is not like the old days when goods were transported on a stagecoach and the driver was armed with a shotgun. Tons of advancements have been made since then that have both a good and a bad effect. Operators now have to manage vehicles, weapons, web ordering systems, bar-coded package tracking, mobile and handheld wireless communication, and correct balancing and reporting software. Efficiencies that if not implemented and manged correclty can turn into dangerous preoccupations.

Just think of all the heist movies that could have gone differently if the armored car drivers weren't distracted. Take for instance Armored (2009) or Dead Presidents (1995). None of the drivers in Dead Presidents suspect that the bad guys are literally hiding under the truck with huge guns. When they finally realize what is happening, it is way too late. Here the movies refelect reality... and it is dangerous and costly.

Don't get caught with your pants down. There is a simple solution on how to corral these operations in. Optimizing armored delivery and managing secure transport procedures is as simple as having both the right kind of tools and the best practice policies to manage the busness. Training and policies that are well thought and well designed can ensure driver standards and safety. When everything is taken care of in advance by routing software, when package track and trace systems are simple to use and automated, and most imprtantly when reasonable rules of engagement are promoted, the operator has less to stress over. And a focused employee is an efficient employee and a safe employee.