As a truly modern trend, Fintech stretches out to all major aspects of life. Get to know the most fascinating numbers and facts about one of the most booming industries of our days in the infographic that follows. Thanks to our friends at 16BEST and another big shout out to Josh Wardini and his team at WebmastersJury for putting together this incredible infographic.

Tired of carefully massaging your CV for every job posting, then waiting as your application is buried under a pile of rival CVs that most managers will barely skim through? Guess what – banks are losing interest in seeing hundreds of tech CVs swamping every IT role they post, all carefully keyword-matched yet unverifiable in the real world.

Technology hiring in banking is increasingly moving away from the advertised position. Even where roles are posted with job boards and recruiters, the selection process is evolving beyond the “talking heads” interview.

Would you leave a bank after an unauthorized charge on a credit card or a strange debit from an account? It's a question for financial institutions evaluating the impact of a security breach.

A new study by Carnegie Mellon University researchers suggests that some customers will, in fact, leave even if they receive quick refunds of losses due to fraud. The study is one of only a few correlating the impact of a fraud incident on customer loyalty.

In the age of the instant everything, why does the money I transfer electronically disappear from my account immediately, but take up to five business days to reach its destination?

I can’t help but imagine a giant multinational conglomerate conspiracy as I watch my funds fly off into the abyss of nothingness for days before my debts are settled at the other end. Where did they go? And importantly, who is earning interest off of them while they’re unavailable?