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Banknotes are symbols, a cashless society would kill them all

Banknotes have taught us the value of money, they are a way to pass on a country’s history, to remind us of our past... and yet their future is very uncertain. Several countries have promised that they will soon be cashless. Banknotes will progressively disappear but the public might be unaware of the aftermath of such a change. Thanks to investigative journalist Ryan Martin for this insightful look at what might be in store in a cashless society.

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What to Consider When Converting Bitcoin to Fiat Currency

When people think of exchanges to sell their Bitcoin, there are a lot of caveats to take into account. First of all, it can take a while to execute these payments, albeit most services do so within 24 hours. On the other hand, international wire transfers remain very expensive. Bitcoin can’t solve that problem when users want a bank transfer in fiat.

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Why is Everyone Gunning for Cash?

Morphis' Gary Faulkner Explains to ATM Industry Marketers Why Cash Is Still King

“Today we are here to answer that musical question, 'Is Cash Still King?'” said Gary Faulkner, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer for Morphis, Inc., kicking off the first ATMIA International Marketing Forum Webinar.

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