Trusting a cash-in-transit company with transporting cash or other valuables is not something you should do until you have thoroughly researched your options. About 60% of the cash-in-transit global market is controlled by only five companies due to the high cost of offering this kind of service. Here are a few things you should look for when selecting a CIT service provider.

Excellent Reputation And Transparency

Due to the nature of the services offered, it is crucial to select a CIT provider with an excellent reputation. Look for reviews, ask for references and do some background research yourself, for instance by looking for any complaints registered via business organizations. Whether considering a large or small provider, learn as much as you can about their past performance.

You can recognize a trustworthy company by their transparency regarding the way they operate and the steps taken towards reducing risks of theft. Since starting a CIT service requires an important original investment, starting one of these companies is not easy. It is best to choose a service that has been around for several years.

Cash-in-Transit providers should also be transparent regarding the hiring process of their drivers, guards and other staff members. Ideally, the company you choose should offer competitive pay, advanced training and have a good retention rate for their employees. Affiliation with professional organizations is another sign that you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

Protection Of Your Valuables

Before trusting a CIT service provider with your valuables, ask about the steps taken towards reducing the risks of theft. The service you select should be fully aware of the risks regarding external and internal theft.

Ideally, the CIT service provider you select should use highly reliable armored trucks with one driver who never exits the vehicle and one or two guards. Everything should be done in accordance with local regulations - for instance, some European countries do not allow armored trucks drivers or guards to carry weapons. Find out more about the regulations that apply to your area before selecting a CIT service provider.

A reliable CIT service provider should actively share intelligence with local police forces to reduce the risks of theft. There might not be a strong need for a police liaison in your area due to low risks of theft but you should still ask this question.

Efficiency And Reduction of Risks

Besides keeping your valuables safe, the right CIT company should deliver on the services you need. A CIT service provider that has been around for a few years should have their own secure automation system to make handling deliveries or pick-ups faster.

For efficiency and safety reasons, it is best to choose a CIT service provider that handles all the aspects of this industry. This includes armored truck maintenance, order processing, billing, hiring and training of employees or services such as cash processing and ATM servicing.

The key to keeping your cash or valuables safe is to make sure you work with a reliable company that you are confident will do everything they can to ensure safety and security for their customers.