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Identifying limits associated with branch cash management

Over the past few years, industry experts have predicted the end of physical branches and that customers would progressively move away from cash transactions. However, in an article that was published in 2012, McKinsley & Co. showed that the share of cash in all American retail payments was still nearly one-third. This has forced financial institutions to re-think their models to better predict the amount of cash they’ll need to accommodate their account holders.

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Millenials are Embracing the Idea of Branchless Banking

When it comes to new ideas in currency, banking and ATMs, the concept of branchless banking seems to be growing in popularity. According to a survey performed by Accenture, consumers in the U.S. and Canada are now more likely to consider branchless banking or non-traditional providers. What's more, millenials, are more likely to consider branchless banking than other segments of the population. What does this mean for the future of banking, and what can financial institutions do to survive the trend?

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