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Introducing Monero's Ethereum-Killer: Tari - Coinjournal

Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni and a team of industry experts have announced a brand new protocol built on top of the Monero network. Designed with never before seen features, Tari is positioned to become more than another “me-too” protocol that enables token creation.

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How Blockchain Technology is Changing the World

Since the earliest days of the internet, community and security have been key topics associated with both the growth of the digital age and the difficulty of finding a secure place within it.

A noble, albeit elusive goal, the tech giants of today still struggle with the open concept of the internet, while at the same time trying to guarantee with certain securities. Passwords, queries, and the infamous “I am not a robot” prompts are time tested solutions that keep us safe amongst an ever growing online population.

But do they really?

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INFOGRAPHIC: Ten Years of the World With Bitcoin (UPDATE!)

As Bitcoin reaches ten years on The Currency Scene we thought you'd enjoy this fantastic infographic courtesy of our friends over at BitcoinPlay (recently UPDATED!) A big shout out to Josh & Karthik over at WebmastersJury who worked on the project and provided the suggestion and permission to re-publish here. Follow along to learn...

67 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

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How To Identify Bitcoin Scamming

Cybercriminals don’t take any breaks and now that Bitcoins are so popular, the perpetrators of Bitcoin scams are getting more and more creative.

2017 promises to be the best year ever for Bitcoin, after the cryptocurrency set some major milestones in 2016. The uncertainties surrounding its future keeps some users awake at night, but there are other perils that people should be aware of. Bitcoin scams are not exactly a novelty, but the cyber criminals are more motivated today when the crypto’s price hit new highs. Their creativity knows no boundaries and they come up with increasingly bold ways of stealing the coveted currency.

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