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Digital Currency

Ripple, the Digital Currency Rocking the Cradle of Traditional Banking

Ripple’s unique protocol allows customers to instantly exchange any type of currency, airline miles, gold and anything having digital or traditional value. Operating within a secure digital ledger, this Digital Currency uses its technology to efficiently move money between traders anywhere in the world in seconds.

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Bitcoin Mining - Do You Have the Energy to Profit?

From its creation in 2008 by a mysterious individual who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto, the bitcoin Digital Currency has spawned financial innovation and a new specialty in global IT production. Despite there being a mere $3.8 billion bitcoin in circulation, price collapse and security breaches, bitcoin serves well as a currency because there is limited supply, it’s tough to earn and easy to authenticate.

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Will Bitcoin Shine in 2015 with Microsoft's Exchange Acceptance?

Bitcoin, which started out at a value measured in fractions of a dollar back in 2009, saw its brightest days when it hit its highest valuations of more than $1100 in 2013. The shine on bitcoin has since tarnished as it dropped back to the current value of just $300 +/- (per bitcoinaverage as of the time of this writing). In this new world of digital currency, bitcoin has become a topic of conversation and interest that many, if not most people, are now familiar with.

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One of the New Players in Digital Currency is Stellar

Digital currencies had their start in 1981 with a paper authored by David Chaum. The paper, Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses, and Digital Pseudonyms set the foundation for developing digital currencies. In 1990, DigiCash debuted and introduced Chaumian digital cash to mankind. It lasted 8 years.

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