As a society, we cherish our right to privacy, maybe more than anything else. Sharing is great, and we all enjoy it, but there is another side to the story -- an unspoken side of all things personal and secret. Our friends at BestVPNs UK and the team at WebmastersJury have created a "must see" infographic that reveals facts about cybercirme - the stealing of our personal secrets - that every one of us should know.

Think about all the personal data that is out there about you. Everything from your Facebook page to the record of your credit and debit purchases.Then extrapolate that concept of public and private information to the societal level. How much information is there really out in the world -- information that must be kept concealed for the sake of the greater good and for our own safety? The amount is probably unfathomable -- no one really knows!

Today, when practically everything about us is online, and our lives have become so intertwined, we have come to be connected in ways many of us are totally unaware. More and more privacy and safety have become critical issues of epic proportions. That is why we need to talk about cybercrime. And to keep it simple and easy to follow we present BestVPNs UK infographic that outlines the most important cybercrime facts all of us should be aware of. It begins with the most egregious data breaches that have affected cards, payments, credit and personal data. And leads us down a path to the 77 important facts we all should know.

77 Facts on Cyber Crime

The original infographic was published at BestVPNs.co.uk