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Is The Mobile Banking Revolution Favoring In-Store Branches?

After giving a recent speech to a large banker group, I was approached by two area branch managers. They wanted to share that, while they currently run physically distinct brick-and-mortar branches, those roles do not fully reflect their experience.

They explained that, like me, they were alumni of in-store bank branches, and they appreciated my comments during the speech about having "in-store banking DNA" in my system.

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What Happens To Your Bitcoin After You Die?

Bequeathing assets in the form of inheritance is a long standing wish for many individuals, whether it is to their children or grandchildren, to a university, or to a charity. When it comes to bank accounts, investments, or property, there are established rules, laws and protocols that are followed such as the use of wills, life insurance, trusts, and probate. How does one, then, transfer ownership of Bitcoin to their heirs?


Bitcoin addresses, also known as "wallets," represent public keys, but can only be accessed if one also has possession of the corresponding private key. Since there is no way to reverse engineer a private key given a public key hash, if the private keys are lost, so too are the bitcoin inside one's wallet.

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Thirteen of the Best Payment Solutions for International Business Use

Since technology has shed the barriers for individuals and businesses to make international transfers, businesses around the world have been unleashed to reach new markets. The same goes for talent – tech-powered accounting solutions and project management tools allow businesses to maintain effective global teams, spread around the world. Moreover, supply chains, international vendors and freelance contractors have never been easier to manage with some of the most talented entrepreneurs developing mass payouts solutions for business use. Let’s look at some interesting examples of mass payments solutions providers:

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Is Inflation Bad For Gold?

As the world collectively lost its bearings this year (more than usual, anyway), a bizarre notion began to seep into the mainstream’s awareness — that inflation is a bad thing for gold.

Jim Rickards first noticed it in September: “Here’s the logic,” he told us, “as best I can make sense of it. Any hint of inflation might give the Fed a green light to raise rates.

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