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Banknotes are symbols, a cashless society would kill them all

Banknotes have taught us the value of money, they are a way to pass on a country’s history, to remind us of our past... and yet their future is very uncertain. Several countries have promised that they will soon be cashless. Banknotes will progressively disappear but the public might be unaware of the aftermath of such a change. Thanks to investigative journalist Ryan Martin for this insightful look at what might be in store in a cashless society.

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Top 4 Things Most People Don’t Know About Bitcoin

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, there have been several misconceptions related to this popular cryptocurrency. Seven years later, and quite a few of these misconceptions are still present today. There are some very basic things that very few people seem to know about Bitcoin, even though they are all vital pieces of information.

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That Tax Free Bitcoin Economy You’ve Dreamt About Can’t Exist

The IRS asked Coinbase to produce records for users over a wide time period: two years. Members of the Bitcoin Community have expressed outrage over this. In fact, even Coinbase, whose CEO Brian Armstrong oft takes a pro-regulation stance, has rebuffed the move.

Yet, many Bitcoiners take it much further, demanding a Bitcoin Economy that stands on its own. The premise is old as Bitcoin, but in recent years – as more has become known regarding how easy it is to trace some bitcoin payments – the sentiment has shrunk as an overall percentage of the philosophy directing the Bitcoin Ship. (though, the block size debate has surely obscured what’s exactly going on here)

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Is The Mobile Banking Revolution Favoring In-Store Branches?

After giving a recent speech to a large banker group, I was approached by two area branch managers. They wanted to share that, while they currently run physically distinct brick-and-mortar branches, those roles do not fully reflect their experience.

They explained that, like me, they were alumni of in-store bank branches, and they appreciated my comments during the speech about having "in-store banking DNA" in my system.

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