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Why does money transferred online take days to turn up?

In the age of the instant everything, why does the money I transfer electronically disappear from my account immediately, but take up to five business days to reach its destination?

I can’t help but imagine a giant multinational conglomerate conspiracy as I watch my funds fly off into the abyss of nothingness for days before my debts are settled at the other end. Where did they go? And importantly, who is earning interest off of them while they’re unavailable?

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Six Hottest Banking Trends for 2017

Change is imminent in banking, and as we begin the new year the only debate seems to be what is going to be driving that change. Over the course of 2017, what is going to transform banking the most? Well, we have some ideas.

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Bitcoin: Why It Now Belongs in Every Portfolio

A technology is called “disruptive” if it creates a new market that first disturbs and then displaces an earlier technology. Bitcoin is potentially such a technology and much more. The fact that it can disrupt the largest and most interconnected marketplace in the world—money, banking and finance—makes it perhaps the most promising investment opportunity of our age.

Unlike our current increasingly unstable and unpredictable financial system, Bitcoin has 21st century technologies at its very core.

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An Explanation of What Bitcoin Is

When most people hear about Bitcoin, whether for the first or the tenth time, they ask one simple question: “What is it?”

Like an automobile, Bitcoin is technically advanced, and it can appear complicated, depending on how much you want to know about it. But also like an automobile, it doesn’t require you to be a technical expert in order to use it—and for it to change the way you interact with the world.

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