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Selling Your ATM Portfolio – What Buyers Are Looking for Today

As with any business, ATM owners and operators (IADs) get started with one purpose in mind: to make money. They might purchase a few machines, find suitable locations and eventually grow their efforts into a full-time money-making operation. Yet despite the business acumen and go-getter attitude needed to get started, many business owners fail to consider is an exit strategy. In fact, one of the most asked questions from ATM operators is: what is my business worth? Valuation, sale and and how to profitably exit are often a mystery. Triton sat down with Jeff Sosville of ATM Brokerage to pick his brain about portfolio valuation, the state of the market and the variables involved when purchasing or selling an ATM business.

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How To Identify Bitcoin Scamming

Cybercriminals don’t take any breaks and now that Bitcoins are so popular, the perpetrators of Bitcoin scams are getting more and more creative.

2017 promises to be the best year ever for Bitcoin, after the cryptocurrency set some major milestones in 2016. The uncertainties surrounding its future keeps some users awake at night, but there are other perils that people should be aware of. Bitcoin scams are not exactly a novelty, but the cyber criminals are more motivated today when the crypto’s price hit new highs. Their creativity knows no boundaries and they come up with increasingly bold ways of stealing the coveted currency.

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Banks are swamped with hundreds of tech CVs: here’s the new way to stand out

Tired of carefully massaging your CV for every job posting, then waiting as your application is buried under a pile of rival CVs that most managers will barely skim through? Guess what – banks are losing interest in seeing hundreds of tech CVs swamping every IT role they post, all carefully keyword-matched yet unverifiable in the real world.

Technology hiring in banking is increasingly moving away from the advertised position. Even where roles are posted with job boards and recruiters, the selection process is evolving beyond the “talking heads” interview.

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