YES BANK, India’s fifth-largest private sector bank, has been a pioneer of several key technology innovations since its inception in 2004. Continuing to be at the forefront of technology innovation and endeavors, YES BANK along with MEDICI (formerly Let’s Talk Payments – LTP) and PwC India opened applications[1] to select startups for the Autumn 2018 cohort of YES FINTECH Accelerator.

The initiative offers a wide base for startups to tap into through co-creation and joint go-to-market strategy. Startups are presented with an opportunity to get access to funding of $1 million – all without any upfront equity commitment. YES FINTECH Accelerator gives startups an unencumbered opportunity to innovate with the bank and leverage access to VCs, technology, and 20+ global markets through ecosystem partners.

Today, we had the pleasure of speaking with one of the startups selected for the Autumn cohort of YES FINTECH Accelerator – bNesis[2], a Poland-based startup focused on building a unified API service aiming to reduce the complexity of integration with cloud services, social, payment, analytics, and other services into mobile apps. Instead of connecting necessary systems separately, customers can integrate just bNesis, which aggregates multiple systems from various segments. As a result, customers can get dozens of systems simultaneously, save time and money on integrations and their support.


MEDICI Team: Tell us about your company.

**bNesis: **bNesis helps banks to enrich the internal databases of Risk and CRM-connected departments with the data from external private, public, and governmental sources. Thus, banks can make more accurate loan decisions, better understand the borrowers and provide them with the simple and convenient loan application process

MEDICI Team: Tell us about the use case(s) which you’re targeting at YES FINTECH Accelerator.

**bNesis: **With bNesis, banks get ready-to-use and fully automated loan application platform. Any borrower (including enterprises) can easily apply for a loan online in several clicks. It is extremely valuable for millennials, micro, and small enterprises – to get money fast and in a convenient way.

At the website or in the app of the bank, the borrower gives the consent to analyze his expenses, income, social, e-commerce or any other data by just simple typing his login and password. Data from different external services and databases will be analyzed by our own scoring engine and model which was co-created with PwC to get the most value out of the data. Our models can be used on the top of the current ones used by the bank to better understand the borrowers and make more accurate loan decisions.

The platform we provide has a gamification mode which pushes the borrower to share as much data as possible. The statement is simple – the more data the borrower shares, the lower the interest rate of the loan and the better the chance of the loan being approved. The banks

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