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Live Cryptocurrency Discussion - March 13.

Live Cryptocurrency Discussion - DailyFX and Former CCO of Ethereum Stephan Tual

  • Nick will join Stephan Tual, former CCO of Ethereum, in the IGTV studio
  • Discussion topics include blockchain technology adoption and ICOs
  • Watch the interview live on March 13 at 2.00pm (UK time)

Should more companies be adopting blockchain technology – or is it too risky? Will proposed government regulation help or hinder the development of cryptocurrencies? Find out next week in the third #IGCryptoChat, featuring DailyFX analyst and crypto expert Nick Cawley[1] alongside Stephan Tual, founder of Atlas Neue and, and former CCO of Ethereum[2].

You can watch the interview on Dailyfx’s YouTube channel[3] or via @IGTV[4] on Twitter at 2.00pm (UK time) on March 13. The session will be followed by a live Q&A – so send in any questions you’d like Nick or Stephan to answer via #IGCryptoChat on Twitter.

Topics up for discussion

Over the session, they’ll cover a broad range of topics, including but not exclusively:

  • Whether more companies should be utilising blockchain
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange security
  • Litecoin and litecoin cash
  • ICOs and forks
  • Trading vs owning cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin[5] and fiat currencies?
  • New developments in blockchain technology

And don’t forget to send in any topics you’d like discussed – or questions you’d like answered – using #IGCryptoChat on Twitter before or during the session.


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