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By Tom Phillips[2] • Updated[3]

DIGITAL TRIAL: Foreign nationals will be able to use China’s digital yuan at the Beijing Winter Olympics
Overseas athletes and spectators visiting the Beijing Winter Olympics[4] will be among the first foreign nationals to be able to trial China’s digital yuan central bank digital currency (CBDC) at event venues, nearby merchants and inside the Olympic Village.

Visitors will be able to acquire, store and use the CBDC in an app or on a physical card or hard wallet[5], while athletes and coaches will be eligible for wristbands that support contactless payments in digital yuan and will be able to convert foreign banknotes into the digital currency at self-service machines.

“Convenience stores, cafes and other merchants inside the Olympic Village — where athletes will be living and spending their free time — are equipped with machines that take digital yuan payment, as well as shops at railway stations near the venues,” according to a Japan Times report[6].

Limited platforms

However, although Alipay and WeChat Pay both support the digital yuan[7], visitors will not be able to use these two payment platforms at official event

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