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By Tom Phillips[2] • Updated[3]

AI-POWERED: Customers scan and add items to the self-checkout cart and pay without visiting a checkout
Two US stores owned by retail giant Albertsons[4] are trialling a self-checkout shopping trolley that enables customers to select and scan items while they shop, compare products and receive personalised recommendations via an on-cart screen, and pay for their purchases by inserting or tapping their payments card without visiting a checkout.

The AI-powered trolley is also fitted with cameras and sensors that enable it to build a 3D model of every product in the store so that over time it can ‘learn’ to recognise items when they are placed in a cart without the customer needing to scan them.

The stores — in Eagle, Idaho, and Pleasanton, California — are testing technology developed by Seattle-based startup Veeve[5] that can also be used to enable customers to order products that are not on the physical store shelves for home delivery.

“The cart has multiple cameras and sensors,” Veeve CEO Shariq Siddiqui told Idaho news outlet Boise Dev.

“They are recording every time you put an item in — takes video from four diff cameras and building a 3D model of every

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