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By Tom Phillips[2] • Updated[3]

Amazon One palm recognition device at US entertainment venueAmazon One palm recognition device at US entertainment venue
Ticket holders attending concerts and other events at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre [4]in Denver in the US state of Colorado can now gain entry to the entertainment venue by scanning their palm rather than their mobile ticket or ID.

Identity-based ticketing provider AXS[5] has incorporated Amazon’s Amazon One[6] biometric palm-recognition technology into standalone contactless ticketing pedestals at the open-air amphitheatre, enabling ticket holders to register for the service in “less than a minute” and then gain entry to an event “in less than a second or so”.

“Upon entering an event at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, fans can either scan their digital ticket or choose to link their palm with Amazon One to AXS’s mobile ID technology by enrolling at the pedestal,” AXS explains.

“Fans can enrol at a dedicated station just before they enter the amphitheatre, and at a second enrolment station inside the amphitheatre for future AXS events.

“Enrolment takes less than a minute, and fans will have the option to enrol with just one palm or both.

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