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By Tom Phillips[2] • Updated[3]

Google Pay has officially launched its app for owners of both Android smartphones and Wear OS smartwatches in Austria.

Google Pay logoGoogle Pay logo
Austrian customers of neobanks and fintechs including Curve[4], Monese[5], N26[6], Revolut[7] and Viva Wallet[8] have been able to use Google Pay via their mobile banking app[9] since November 2020, but Google has yet to confirm which additional banks and card issuers will now be supporting the service in the country.

The launch comes as Google Pay has also announced that it is adding support for contactless payments on Wear OS smartwatches in Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania and Singapore.

This brings the total number of countries where Wear OS smartwatch owners can use[10] Google Pay to 37, following the addition of support in a further 16 countries[11] in August.

Apple Pay went live in Austria[12] in April 2019.

• NFCW maintains a list of major OEM Pay systems[13] and the territories where they are live and available for public use.

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