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By Tom Phillips[2] • Updated[3]

Front cover of ST Microelectronics White Paper on how NFC can add value to your brand
ADDED VALUE: ST’s white paper explains how brands can use NFC to improve user experience
KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: NFC can be used to add value to an array of products that combine a main unit with a range of accessories or consumables, such as coffee machines and power tools, and to a wide variety of devices that are shared among multiple users, such as gym and laboratory equipment, ST explains in a new white paper available to download from the NFCW Knowledge Centre[4].

“NFC technology is perfectly suitable for addressing solutions requiring product/feature differentiation, dynamic product configuration, customer experience enrichment, user personalisation and brand recognition,” the paper explains.

“Its ubiquity, cost-effectiveness, energy harvesting and contactless communication capabilities grant several possibilities for manufacturers to add value to their product lines as well as to better serve their customers.

“Thanks to the combination of an NFC reader in the main unit and a static or dynamic NFC tag in the accessory, the whole product performs better, safer, and lets you provide a unique solution with a whole new range of capabilities to better improve the user experience and bring life to your brand.”

For devices that are shared among multiple

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