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By Tom Phillips[1] • Updated[2]

Google Pay users with an NFC-enabled Android smartphone in the US can now request a virtual debit card that allows them to make in-store contactless payments directly from their Google Pay balance.

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The virtual Google Pay Balance Card enables users to make payments with funds earned from rewards or sent by friends and family to their Google Pay balance without first needing to transfer those funds to their bank account, reports 9to5 Google[3].

They can apply for the virtual card through the Google Pay app.

“Before this change, Google Pay balance could only be used for sending funds to other people, buying items online or in Google products/Play Store, or transferring money out to your bank account,” 9to5 Google explains.

“This prevented the money from being used in stores unless paying extra to have funds instantly transferred to a bank account or waiting one to three days for the funds to process.

“Google says that this option is rolling out now in the United States to all Android users.”

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