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By Tom Phillips[1] • Updated[2]

Some 70% of Swedish consumers would be interested in having a biometric payment card so they can make high-value transactions without having to touch a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, a new survey reveals — and 59% would be willing to pay a monthly fee for one.

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Overall, 80% of the survey participants said they were “worried about the risk of infection when using their payment card and touching the payment terminal to type in the PIN code to complete a transaction”.

Three quarters (75%) said they would like their next payment card to be enabled for biometric payments and 48% said they would switch banks if they were offered a biometric payment card by a bank other than their current one “in order to get access to safer and more secure payments”.

Of the 59% who said they would be willing to pay an extra monthly fee for a biometric payment card, 47% would be willing to pay SEK10-50 (US$1.16-5.79) and 12% would be willing to pay SEK51-99 (US$5.91-11.47).

The survey was carried out by software and services company TietoEvry[3] and biometric fintech Zwipe[4].

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