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KFC Japan contactless order pickup locker
MOBILE ORDER: KFC customers order and pay online, then pick up their meal from the contactless locker

Customers at four KFC outlets in Japan can now order and pay for their meals online, set a time for collection and then pick up their order from a contactless locker installed on the store’s counter.

“At the store, products are prepared according to the time of arrival and stored in the pickup locker,” says KFC Japan[3].

“Customers can receive the product by entering the order number in the pickup locker when they come to the store.”

“Providing products without waiting time (take-out) not only improves the easiness of purchase for customers, but can also be expected to have the effect of moving productivity.”

KFC Japan is piloting the lockers in two of its stores in Tokyo, as well as one in Saitama and one in Kanagawa.

A short video shows how the service works:

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