The FinTech narrative has certainly evolved from disruption to collaboration. With the increasing incumbent activity through bank-FinTech partnerships, acquisitions, as well as growing VC funding, the global FinTech market has been maturing over the period. The recent years have been really exciting for venture capitalists around the world with major FinTech investments in their portfolio, as there has been a wave of FinTech IPOs in the past three years. With the growing valuation, market traction, and customer adoption, FinTech startups are now looking to go public.

Since 2008, there have been 60 FinTech startups (founded after 2007) who have filed for an IPO and gone public. What is most interesting in this statistic is that over 50% of these IPOs have been filed post-2016.

Among the 60 FinTech IPOs by companies founded post-2007, Lending startups top the charts with 16 of them filing for IPO in the past 10 years. Some of the most notable IPOs are by OnDeck and Lending Club. A total of 8 of these IPOs were filed in the past 17 months, with some of the recent ones being TruFin (UK), Diannu98 (China), LexisFinTech (China), PPDAI (China), Credible (US), etc. Interestingly, five of these eight IPOs were being filed by Chinese lending startups, indicating the fact that the much-talked-about tech-IPO wave in China has rubbed on to FinTech as well – more specifically to Lending.


Nine payment startups filed for IPOs in the past 10 years. While none of these IPOs have been filed in 2018 (yet), Swedish payment startup iZettle is all set for an IPO in the coming few days. Also, PayPal has announced the acquisition of iZettle for $2.2 billion in an all-cash deal. Acquisition as well as an

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