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Covershot — Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) 101: A Primer

A new white paper that looks in-depth at Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology, the architecture and principles underpinning its operation and how it can be used to secure a variety of mobile wallet and IoT applications is now available to download free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre[1].

“The fundamental principle of the architecture of a device using a TEE is hardware isolation between the TEE and the mobile device’s operating environment,” Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) 101: A Primer explains.

“While use of a secure element (SE) undoubtedly provides a higher form of security, modern devices require more speed, memory, and cost effectiveness than use of an SE can offer. In addition, the SE solution may be too complex for many use cases.”

“Used alone, TEE is a prime contender for use cases where security is of high importance, such as HCE-based payments, mobile wallets, mobile POS, content protection, and connected devices. And while TEE is maturing, the next generation of mobile security can leverage TEE-based solutions to protect devices from multiple threats and vulnerabilities,” the 24-page paper, produced by the Secure Technology Alliance, adds.

“Though there are challenges in creating a scalable TEE ecosystem, many of these challenges can be overcome by participation in industry standardization efforts from industry players such as chip manufacturers, device manufacturers and TEE solution providers.”

Readers can download the full white paper from the NFC World Knowledge Centre here[2].

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