Published 27 April 2018

Barclays and PayPal have joined forces to help customers enhance their digital payments.

The partnership is designed to enable customers to manage and use their Barclays and PayPal accounts together with greater ease, for the first time.

The partnership is expected to benefit millions of consumer and small business customers, and initially focus on enhancing products and services for consumers in the UK and the US. In the UK, small business customers will also benefit from the partnership with integrated experiences.

Enhancing digital payment experiences for Barclays and Barclaycard consumers

Consumers are expected to benefit from a raft of new features that will make it even easier to manage their PayPal account in Barclays digital channels, and to use their Barclays products in their PayPal digital wallet to pay online, on mobile or in app.

These may include ways to seamlessly add Barclays credit and debit cards to their PayPal wallet; to update these cards automatically in PayPal when they reach their expiry date; and to display their Barclays card image in the PayPal wallet to allow consumers to easily select their preferred way to pay.

Expanding mobile payments choice and reach

In a first of its kind partnership, PayPal and Barclays will explore unique ways to connect Pingit and PayPal to improve how customers can move and manage their money. The partnership will also explore opportunities for US consumers to redeem Barclays reward points at businesses that accept PayPal worldwide.

Making business management easier for UK SME clients

Barclays SmartBusiness Dashboard enables UK SME clients to see their everyday business information from third-party apps, alongside their Barclays bank account on a single platform. PayPal’s small business customers will now be able to choose to see a snapshot

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