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Financial markets are bracing for an action-packed trading week headlined by the Fed monetary policy announcement and April’s US jobs data.

US Dollar[1] Forecast: US Dollar Soars to 3-Month High. Will the Fed Affirm the Rally?[2]

The US Dollar is looking to the FOMC[3] policy announcement for affirmation of a hawkish policy outlook shift that has brought the currency to three-month highs.

British Pound Forecast: UK Growth Slump, Longer-Term Set-Ups May Exist[4]

Sterling slumped on the back of much weaker-than-expected UK GDP data making a May rate hike unlikely. If the long-term trends in GBP[5] are respected, opportunities may still exist for Sterling bulls.

Japanese Yen[6] Forecast: Japanese Yen May Teeter Between USD Gains and Risk Trends[7]

The Japanese Yen may find itself being pushed and pulled by USD[8] gains and risk trends. US PCE, April’s Fed rate decision and a local jobs can fuel this dynamic.

Australian Dollar[9] Forecast: Australian Dollar Bulls Can't Look To RBA For Help This Week[10]

The Australian Dollar is already reeling but now faces central bank decisions from its home country and the US which are unlikely to offer it much support

Chinese Yuan Forecast: Yuan Torn Between US-China Political Alliance and Trade Disputes[11]

The US- China relationship has been a top driver to the Dollar/Yuan; it will likely continue to have a mixed development. At the same time, the Yuan faces risks from domestic policies and the economic outlook.

Crude Oil[12] Forecast: Brent Crude Oil May Be Further Supported On

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