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- This morning’s inflation report out of the United States saw fresh one-year highs in both headline and core CPI. This is now the seventh consecutive month of headline CPI coming-in at the Fed’s 2% target or higher, while Core CPI has crossed the 2% marker for the first time in the past 12 months. This inflation strength has helped the US Dollat to finally find some element of support after the sell-off that started around last week’s disappointing NFP report.

- The US Dollar[1] has been in a consistent sell-off since that NFP report[2], and on a short-term basis that move has become oversold. A pullback here could be helpful for USD[3] bears, as this could help to alleviate that oversold condition while also pushing prices back towards lower-high resistance. We look at a series of levels that’s interesting for such a scenario.

- Are you looking to improve your trading approach? Check out Traits of Successful Traders[4]. And if you’re looking for an introductory primer to the Forex market, check out our New to FX Guide[5].

Do you want to see how retail traders are currently trading the US Dollar? Check out our IG Client Sentiment Indicator[6].

From Provocative Tweets to US Inflation

It’s already been a busy morning already as the US session gets underway, as the day opened with some rather provocative tweets that appeared to carry pull across global markets; and this led into the CPI release of March inflation numbers out of the United States[7]. A little later today we’ll get the meeting minutes from

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