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A Look at How Buckminster Fuller Predicted Bitcoin: 'A Realistic, Scientific Accounting System of What Is Wealth'

Richard Buckminster Fuller was a well known American architect, systems theorist, author, and inventor. Similar to the visions expressed by the industrialist Henry Ford, the Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek, and Austrian economist Milton Friedman, Buckminster Fuller also predicted a concept that resembled Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin invention 54 years ago in 1967.

Buckminster Fuller: ‘Build a New Model That Makes the Existing Model Obsolete’

In a recent editorial, News discussed how the famed industrialist Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, envisaged an idea that’s similar to Bitcoin roughly 100 years ago. It was further said that before cypherpunks like Timothy May and Eric Hughes wrote about digital cash, Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman also predicted a technology that would operate similarly to Satoshi’s Bitcoin project. Buckminster Fuller was another intelligent individual who predicted the invention of cryptocurrencies and new wealth.

Fuller was not a fan of the financial system years before his passing on July 1, 1983. People referred to Fuller as the “grandfather of the future,” and the systems theorist often said: “God wanted all humans to be rich.” In a video interview with Fuller in 1967, the inventor talks about a new currency that will spark a new movement of wealth by 2018.

“I’ll have to talk about something which will be one of the very big, new realizations by 2000 AD,” Fuller said in the interview. “A realistic — scientific accounting system — of what is wealth … wealth isn’t the gold that the old pirates used to have — wealth is energy,” he added.

It was 1967 Buckminster Fuller predicted Bitcoin and new wealth.

“I'll talk about something that would be one of the realizations

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