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Approximately nine days ago, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) across various blockchains was around $176 billion. At that time, bitcoin ($49,937) and ethereum ($3,886) fiat values were much higher. Despite the fact that the crypto economy and these coins have dipped in value, the TVL across defi has continued to rise, climbing more than 5% to $185.32 billion.

Defi TVL Across All Chains Rises by More Than 5% Over 9 Days

Decentralized finance (defi) has attracted billions of dollars and at the time of writing, the total value locked across a myriad of blockchains is around $185.32 billion. That’s approximately 5.113% higher than the TVL was nine days ago.

As the Crypto Economy Slumps, Total-Value Locked in Defi Continues to Rise
At the time of writing, the TVL held in defi is $185 billion and more than 5% higher than it was nine days ago.

Statistics from the dashboard indicate that there’s been a 2.10% rise during the last day and the defi platform Aave has the highest dominance level in terms of TVL (7.40%). In the last day, Aave has increased 2.69%, but seven-day metrics indicate that Aave’s TVL is down 4.23% to $13.1 billion.

One would assume that the TVL held in defi would have dropped in value after the price of ethereum (ETH) shed a few percentages in value. However, that’s not the case, because a number of other blockchains saw TVL values rise.

As the Crypto Economy Slumps, Total-Value Locked in Defi Continues to Rise
Total value locked on all defi compatible blockchains on Tuesday.

In our last report on the subject, there was around $130 billion in ether locked in defi. Today, metrics show that the current ether TVL is $128.1 billion. Seven-day ether TVL changes show ether’s TVL slipped by 0.23% and Solana’s TVL jumped by 100% in

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