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Tokyo-Based Zigmabit Offers Mining Rigs for Homes and Offices

Cryptocurrency mining develops rapidly like any high tech sector. Improvements in the hardware and auxiliary systems make it possible to design mining rigs that are more compact and silent than they used to be, while also profitable to run. Zigmabit is a manufacturer that assembles units suitable for mining not only in industrial-scale datacenters but also at homes and offices.

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Three Zigbit Miner Models Available

Zigmabit, which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and maintains manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and Germany, recently introduced its new mining rigs that come in three models and are capable of operating under multiple algorithms. Zigmabit also promises potential customers full return on their investments within only a month and says the units are designed for both experienced users and beginners.

The miners come in three different models and prices, depending on the capacity and application, and all of them are easy to use as they are pre-configured – you only need to plug them in, enter the pool data and start mining. The rigs are equipped with a direct liquid closed-loop cooling system, noiseless fans, silent high-pressure pumps, efficient radiators, and other smart features that make them appropriate for operation in living and working spaces.

Tokyo-Based Zigmabit Offers Mining Rigs for Homes and Offices
Zigbit 2.0

Two small configurations are perfect for use by individuals. The Zigbit 2.0 miner ($3,500) is a 500 x 400 x 760 mm unit with a 110V-240V socket and power consumption of 600W. It can mine bitcoin core (BTC) and 260 TH/s, litecoin (LTC) at 44 GH/s, ethereum (ETH) at 11 GH/s, and dash at 6 TH/s. Zigbit 3.0 ($5,000) supports the same currencies.

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