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Cointext CTO Vin Armani Talks Content, Reveals the 'Real' Bitcoin in New Video

Cointext CTO Vin Armani has a lot to say. The multi-faceted content creator, voluntaryist philosopher, and developer in the Bitcoin Cash community crafts thought-provoking crypto content. Whether dissecting the ‘gym friend’ meme in the context of grounded masculinity, or addressing the roots of tribalism and which chain is the true Bitcoin, Armani’s collaboration with video editor @CryptoSpanglish has seen his content grow in popularity, and established him as one of the influential voices of the current crypto zeitgeist.

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What Is Bitcoin?

In a sea of repetitive crypto themes, unique content stands out. Vin Armani’s recent contributions to the conversation have struck a chord with his audience, and whether sympathetic or antagonistic, viewers are engaged. After all, Armani isn’t just talking about crypto, but what Bitcoin itself means to humanity at an elemental level. These abstract observations tie directly back to concrete and pressing specifics like price, community squabbles, spicy memes, and tech development in compelling fashion. Armani states in his video “Bitcoin: Purely Peer-To-Peer”:

If you want the price to go back up, get back to asking the question, ‘What is Bitcoin?’ If you want the price to keep dropping, keep acting like you know the answer.

The Cointext CTO takes issue with the crypto space’s nasty habit of alienating newcomers, shouting down honest questions, and disregarding the views of the non-dev or non-technically minded.

In his video “Bitcoin Cash: Color Wars,” he asserts that “Those with technical competence need to make it standard operating procedure, that they come down out of their ivory towers and explain, in simple to understand terms, what they are doing, and

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