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Indian Supreme Court Sets Date to Hear Crypto Case Next Week

The Supreme Court of India has confirmed a new date to hear the crypto case after multiple delays. During the last hearing, the court directed the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to reply to crypto exchanges’ representation within two weeks, which the central bank has done.

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New Date – Top of the Board

The Indian supreme court has scheduled a new date to resume hearing the arguments against the banking ban on crypto businesses. A recently released court order shows that the case was called for hearing last week and a new date was set. The order reads:

Upon hearing the counsel, the court made the following order … List on Tuesday, the 15th October, 2019 on top of the board.

Indian Supreme Court Hearing of Crypto Case Bound for Next Week

Being listed on top of the board means that the case will be the first one the judges will hear on Oct. 15, immensely improving its chance of moving forward. The case was originally scheduled to be heard on Sept. 25 but was repeatedly postponed. A few days last week, it was listed far down the list, with little chance of being called for hearing.

RBI Has Replied to IAMAI’s Representation

The supreme court started hearing the arguments to remove the RBI’s banking ban in detail in early August. The hearing went on for several days, which the central bank’s power over crypto was extensively challenged.

During the hearing on Aug. 21, the court directed the central bank to reply to crypto exchanges’ detailed representation, submitted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). It explains that there is no need for

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