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The 3 Top Drivers of Crypto Adoption - BCH City Wrap-Up

With Townsville, Australia’s Bitcoin Cash City conference and related post-conference events now all wrapped up, participants are heading home to get back to the grind. As such, it stands to take a look at the conference as a whole and BCH adoption in and beyond the land of Oz, which is fueled by three critical factors. Additionally, attendees and organizers alike cited the diversity of ideas and speakers as one of the main strengths of the event. Other areas of the world are already in the midst of similar adoption, or ripe for it, and deserve a focused look themselves, as potential BCH hot spots and developing “BCH Cash Cities.”

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BCH City: Diversity of Ideas and Skill Sets

One of the recurring points of praise from attendees regarding Townsville, North Queensland’s Bitcoin Cash City conference was the diversity of attendants and speakers. From advocates of complete financial freedom to actual government representatives, the philosophical gamut was run in full. Conference attendee and user emergent_reasons related:

We need to be appealing to the world…Big business, small business, libertarian, lefties, non profit, government, everybody was there.

The 3 Top Drivers of Crypto Adoption – BCH City Wrap-Up
Photo by event photographer @kilRcola.

Bitcoin Cash enthusiast and unofficial, “official photographer” @kilrcola, supplied the Bitcoin Cash City Telegram group with no shortage of professional quality photos to use and share throughout the event, adding real vibrance and a visual backbone to the group. When asked about what most impacted him about Bitcoin Cash City, @kilrcola told

The sudden realization that this might be the pivotal stepping stone…The only time I spent fiat was for the deposit/security guarantee

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