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Former antivirus software guru and 2020 Libertarian presidential “hopeful” John McAfee is a controversial figure, polarizing opinion in politics and culture, and taking a bold stand against the U.S. federal government. Most recently this has involved offering to help the Cuban state develop its own cryptocurrency in the interest of avoiding U.S. interventionism in trade.

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Running From the State

John McAfee has been on the run since January 2019, when he fled to the Bahamas after major tax evasion charges in the U.S. According to the maverick entrepreneur, the FBI came looking for him there, and that’s when he fled to Cuba. Prior to all of this, the current presidential hopeful’s life was already riddled with scandal, tabloid press attention, and a smorgasbord of other troubles.

There was the wrongful death suit filed against him by the family of his neighbor in Belize, the drunk driving charges, and police discovering a 17-year-old girlfriend—and a house full of weapons—upon paying him a visit investigating suspected methamphetamine production. In the eyes of many, John McAfee is not what one would call a “good guy.”

A History of Violent Intervention: John McAfee to Help Cuba Resist US Sanctions With Crypto

Cuba Seeks to Create New Cryptocurrency

McAfee is surrounded by as many mythical stories and embellishments as he is actual facts it would seem, and maybe that’s what lends in part to his sympathy for Cuba, a country long shrouded in mystery and Westernized propaganda to foreign eyes. During an interview from his yacht harbored in Havana on July 4, McAfee told the attendant press agency that he had offered to help Cuba develop its own crypto, to get around the current U.S. embargo. Venezuela being in crisis has also knocked out significant sources of

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