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After 24 months of development, cryptocurrency startup Beaxy Digital, Ltd.[1] has officially launched its trading platform, which is now live to customers in 43 US states and 185 countries, the company said on Tuesday.

The platform currently supports trading pairs for 16 of the top digital assets, and comes with advanced features including TradingView charting within the exchange UI, a profit/loss calculator, the ability to manage multiple wallets per currency, in-platform portfolio management, and a tax reporting tool. 

Designed with a strong focus on security, the exchange also comes with “the most advanced, state of the art security features,” including third party security audit, multi-signature protection, a blockchain sweeping protocol that minimizes exposure of funds to hot wallets, account monitoring and alerts, system health monitoring, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, and phishing prevention, the company says[2].

Beaxy features, by beaxyexchange, via Facebook
Beaxy features, by beaxyexchange, via Facebook

OneMarketData, a provider of software solutions for the financial industry, has built Beaxy’s matching engine on top of the its existing software. By leveraging OneMarketData’s OneTick platform, Beaxy is able to provide users with nine order types – with more to come soon[3] – and the platform can reach transaction speeds of 225,000 per second per trading pair, “an order of magnitude faster than any other current digital asset exchange,” the company claims.

“Our implementation of OneMarketData’s OneTick technology has yielded impressive results, out-performing most engines in traditional financial markets and the cryptocurrency markets,” said Artak Hamazaspyan, CEO of Beaxy. “Through prioritizing user experience, security, regulatory guidance, and seamless functionality, I am confident we’ve built a best-in-class trading platform.”

After building Beaxy’s matching engine, OneMarketData deployed OneTick Surveillance, a compliance and regtech solution used by global banks, brokers, algo operators and stock exchanges.

All these integrations make the Beaxy cryptocurrency

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