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Google multipurpose digital wallet home page
MULTI-FUNCTION: Google Wallet lets users store digital IDs as well as payment cards and transit tickets

Google is rolling out a digital wallet that will enable users to store, use and present digital identity documents and driving licences as well as payment cards, transit and event tickets, boarding and loyalty passes, health documents such as Covid-19 vaccination certificates, hotel keys and office badges on their Android smartphone or Wear OS smartwatch.

In addition to Google Wallet, the company is also to launch virtual payment cards on Android and Chrome that will enable consumers in the USA to make online payments without needing to reveal their card number or manually enter a card verification value (CVV) number at checkout.

Google Wallet

Users of the new Google Wallet[1] will be able to add digital cards, tickets and other documents directly from apps and websites operated by transit agencies, retailers, ticket providers, health agencies and airlines that support the service, and Google says that it is also currently “working on ways to make it easy to add objects directly from your phone, too”.

Following the launch of the new Google Wallet, the company will continue to develop Google Pay as “a companion app where you can do more payment-focused things like send and receive money from friends or businesses, discover offers from your favourite retailers or manage your transactions,” Google says.

Google Wallet will also integrate with other Google apps and services so that “if you saved your boarding pass for a flight to Google Wallet, it will notify you of delays and gate changes,” Google product manager Dong Min Kim explains.

“When you head to a concert, you’ll receive a notification on your phone beforehand, reminding you of your saved tickets.

“Wallet also works with other Google apps

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