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France digital ID card in hand coming out of an NFC smartphone
CERTIFIED: French citizens will be able to store digital ID documents in a mobile app on their NFC phone

French citizens will soon be able to generate and store certified digital identification documents in a mobile app by scanning their physical Carte Nationale d’Identité Électronique (CNIE) eID card with their NFC smartphone.

The Digital Identify Guarantee Service (SGIN) application “will make it possible to use the civil status data of the card digitally to prove one’s identity in the digital world, and to have access to dedicated uses, including in the physical world,” the French government’s interdepartmental digital identity programme[1] says.

At launch, the digital ID will enable users to access the 900 private and public online service providers connected to the FranceConnect[2] platform, send certified electronic copies of their identity card, provide proof of age without being obliged to display other identity data and allow a trusted third party to collect packages on their behalf.

“Additional functionalities will then enrich the digital identity solution in the months and years to come, to enable French people to carry out an increasing number of digital procedures (for example, access their social benefits, protect their health data, sign a notarial deed, or make a proxy vote), without fear of having their identity or their identity data stolen.” the digital ID programme adds.

The launch of the SGIN digital ID service was officially announced in a decree authorised by the French President Emmanuel Macron last week.

“The Minister of the Interior (General Secretariat) and the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS) are jointly authorized to implement an automated processing of personal data called Digital Identity Guarantee Service (SGIN),” the decree states[3].

“The purpose of this processing is to provide holders of a national

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